Own The Podium: Part II

Canada has broken lots of records this winter games, most golds by a country in an winter olympics ever, and most by Canada for overall medals as well.  The Canadian olympic committee has to rethink their silly mid games announcement that Canada failed at ‘own the podium’. Maybe we didn’t get most overall medals but we certainly owned the podium with gold. You can read my previous post on that silly press conference announcing to the world IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAMES that our strategy failed. Super lame, Canada has done awesome this olympics. GO CANADA GO!

And the mens hockey game gold, what an amazing finish to the games, so exciting, we got to watch it with half of our church on a projected big screen before our big church business meeting. That was lotsa fun.  So overall  it was a great olympics and its a lot of fun to watch it every time it comes around!

Should be REAL interesting to see how we do in Russia now that a new precedent has been set!

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