Twitter – What is it good for?

Twitter, the 30somethings instant messenger client. Its the new ‘cool’ thing with parties just for Twitter friends. Its just a facebook status update with nothing else. And with all my friends using facebook as well, why not just update statuses there? I’m all for new technology, trends, and such, hey,.. I tried myspace and then moved to facebook… but I’ve tried twitter for a number of months now and I just don’t get what its good for??

Can someone please detail for me??

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3 thoughts on “Twitter – What is it good for?

  1. Twitter is the best. I like my facebook account too and use it daily but some people don’t use facebook. I get band information, political issues that are being looked into, the news, etc..from twitter that I wouldn’t get on facebook. I’m following a few pastors, who twit about sermon topics, Dr. Phil twits about his blog for show comments, highlights stories, and none of these have facebook, so if I didn’t twit I wouldn’t know. My twitter status updates my facebook status, so I only update twitter. Another good thing with my twitter is that you didn’t get the pictures and other junk you get with facebook. It’s right to the point.

    So, after all that….Twitter is the best!!!

  2. You have some good points there, I suppose as basically a custom news feed it has some merit. I like the things on facebook like photos / movies etc, and the friends comments, they add to the community of discussion and chatter which is interesting to read. With twitter, the comments are still one-offs, separate from a community of comments usually. Sure, you can comment on them, but I haven’t seen myself an ongoing conversation with them. I find facebook does more of what I want all in one site. And if people aren’t on facebook, then they are often not on twitter either, like my father. So the blog and personal website caters to those.

  3. I like my facebook account for debates and photos etc.. and I wouldn’t delete my account. Most of the people I follow on twitter are just updates. Cbcpei is on my twitter and just has highlights, Tenth Avenue North state concerts date, etc.. Twitter isn’t designed for full conversations. But facebook is where I do most of comments and or course, debating. I’m not blogger, though I read them. And I think this maybe my third reply on a blog, so blogs for me are out. There are people on both my facebook and twitter and only response to me through twitter. I like both and update both, which makes it very easy to communicate with me. 🙂

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