Enveloped In Home Buying

The last couple of weeks have been exciting and crazy as we tour various houses, all shapes and sizes and price ranges. We’ve talked to mortgage specialists, real estate agents and parents all to find out what we should be looking for, what we can afford and what will suit us. It is in some ways a HUGE decision, and in others, I almost feel like its just us finding a place to live. We’ve done it, well twice before as this is our second place of rent. So in some way it just seems like we’re looking for the next place. Buying a house won’t be a leap in spending, for heat, or water, or anything REALLY new as we’re paying for all that in the house we’re at now. Its almost as if we do own the house here, we’re paying full everything here. From that standpoint, its good experience for owning a house on some levels.

I’m sure things will be quite different though when we really own a place all to ourselves. Here we really can’t do anything major, we can’t even fix things here, doors, light fixtures, drafts, we can’t do anything at all, none of the normal repairs and tweaks that you would do to a house because we’re only renting and the landlords would rather someone ‘experienced’ come and fix it ‘correctly’. So, totally excited to get into a place that I can actually be handy with. Hammer some nails, fix some doors, paint some walls, not have to worry about wrecking things as much 🙂

Another plus is that we’ll be much closer to Charlottetown. Not because we need to be by the big city, just cause its closer to the church we attend, and people we actually know. Hard to visit or have visitors when you’re 30 minutes away, it has to be a totally planned / scheduled event for that to happen. Within 15 minutes, its much easier.

I’m also looking forward to a basement, the image isn’t any particular basement, just one off good 😛  . But ya, will be nice to have the extra space to store stuff in an accessible location. Our extra stuff is piled in bedroom closets, or out in the sun porch which during winter is cold and inaccessible and also in the basement here which is just an Island stone / concrete foundation with a dirt floor. And the trap door that goes down there doesn’t even have a handle :S So its hard to get down there too.

In the next 2 months I would think we’ll have picked out our house and will be in the process of offers, inspections, second and third walk-through’s and paper work. Thats exciting.

At the same time though, we’re have a baby which is HUGE so we’ll be super busy, so many exciting new things happening. In relation to the house though, it would almost be nice if we didn’t have to worry about it and Lindsey and I could go back to playing SMBWii after work and going on joy rides / drives – oh, and I can’t wait for the late sun for that during the summer!! This time next year, and earlier in fact, all should be calm, we’ll be back to a regularly scheduled life with a child and we’ll officially be in THAT phase of life, a family, owning a house… Next stop, a second car? 😛 Maybe a couple years from now if Lindsey wants to get a job I suppose. These good times temper the not so happy times. Wish my mom could be around to see our new baby, and our house and all this fun stuff!

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