The Biggest Purchase Of Our Lives

Buying a house is the biggest (literally) and the most expensive thing we’ll ever buy. It will also be the greatest investment we’ll ever make.  As we tour homes now looking for a good one, we have so many things to weigh – is it close enough to C’town / church, is it within the price range that we can comfortably afford, does it have enough room for all that we want to do with it, is it in good enough shape, will the house appreciate in value as much as we would like, is the location good for our kids, does the location and house have good potential for resale should we decide to move again? So many questions, we’ve read a bunch of the ‘buying a house for dummy’ type books but there is still SO much to learn, to think about, to understand. Like how all that mortgage stuff works, should we go fixed or variable, and what about all the insurance we need to get.

We’re moving fast now for the ‘big’ pre-approval, thats exciting. We’re trusting on the Lord to open up the right house to us. It is indeed a BIG decision that we’ll need to make work, and that we’re ‘stuck’ with for a few years anyways, even if we don’t like the house after getting into it.

It will be super nice to get out of rentals though, to actually start saving our money, or at least, investing it into real estate (ie our own house).  We aren’t saving ANYTHING at all living in this rental house, sure the rent is decent, but the heating bills are brutal which means we can’t really save anything unless we have two steady incomes.

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