Things my mom knows

Was thinking today about mom, and realizing, she knows all the answers now.

2Cr 5:8 We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from thebody and to be present with the Lord.

Here are some things she NOW knows and its incredible to realize it:

  • She knows Adam and Eve now!
  • She knows how the whole creation thing actually worked – whos right and who is wrong on earth
  • She knows once and for all that there is an after life
  • She has now met Jesus and knows what it is to worship in His presence.
  • She knows if Noahs Ark is still around and where, ok, if not, she can Ask Noah which mountain they actualy landed on
  • She is likely able to see whats happening down here. I hope we can see down here anyways

There are so many things she knows 100% now, its not just a faith for her anymore, its real, its the truth, its reality tangibly to her. She can talk likely to any of the past saints, she has probably met up with her parents, she has had a conversation face to face with Jesus… WOW, just think of these things. Its amazing to think about what its like for her, who she has met, what its like in heaven etc.

Does she know i’m writting a blog about her right now? Can she see us? Can she see the angels and demons all around us and in the world? Is it just a big party up there right now? Can she fly? What goes on every day (whatever a day means in eternity 😛 )there?  Wow, amazing, incredible, inconceivable!

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