I’m enjoying blogging, wonder when I’ll get bored or just stop writing them cause I’m too busy…? It works out now quite well cause I have 2+ hours before work as work starts for me in PEI at 10am (9am EST). Its kinda my diary I suppose though it may not house all my deep dark secrets, but then, why would I want to write all those down anyways :P.

This morning we woke up to another 4 inches of snow, very exciting, love all the snow, course,.. it meant I was up at 7:30 shoveling the drive so Lindsey could get out to work BUT its great exercise and I wouldn’t want a brown snowless winter so this is great. Wish it would stay a bit colder but hey, its saving us a few bucks on heating oil which these days is what we need. Our last months heating bill was $450 🙁  Luckily Lindsey has a job 🙂 Rather, we’re blessed by God that she does!

I’m sitting here waiting for my XP virtual workstation to defrag a bit so its faster for work. This remote thing has worked out pretty well, and I’m so thankful that I’m able to do it! I’m enjoying the opportunity while it lasts!

Back to the snow, methinks I should get one of those big snow scoops, they are perfect for clearing the end of the drive that the snow plow pushes up. We’ll see how much more snow we get, for now I can make due I suppose.

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