A lot of thought went into it

Ever been somewhere or working on something and think,… “how could they not think of this”, or “if I designed this, it would have had that”. Often for example when I’m driving a car for example, I’ll think, did anybody test drive this? Why doesn’t it have this feature or that feature, its a basic thing that would make all the difference to drivers. I know I find niggly things on just about anything I use as to how I could improve the experience / interaction with it.
Well, I was on a flight to/from Toronto on a 737 and for once I sat back and couldn’t think of anything that it needed. And thinking about it isn’t really telling the story either, its mostly the fact that I hardly thought about it, everything was designed well enough that I really didn’t stop to think about it, everything I needed / wanted was there. Not to say there couldn’t be more features on the plane that would be cool but all the basics were covered so well that I didn’t even think about ‘wishing they did this or that’. As I was thinking about how I would design the plan for passengers near the end of the flight, I couldn’t think of anything to make it more efficient or comfortable really. Thats pretty amazing, they obviously have years of feedback and experience on keeping customers comfortable on flights.

So just a thought from me because usually there are a million things I would change!

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