Top 5 things to do at Mc’Ds when you’re bored

  1. Straw whistle – blow over the top of the straw like a bottle to produce a whistle, then pinch it at the bottom with two fingers and move them up and down to change the pitch
  2. Straw friend or foe poker – connect 5 or more straws end to end to make a 40 ft pole to poke unsuspecting people, dip a fry into someone elses ketchup or give someone a straw wet willy
  3. Fry popper Р empty out your fry container, pop the bottom out as if to collapse it, put a small fry in the bottom and push in the sides of the container to make the bottom pop up and watch the fry go flying!
  4. Spitball Tic Tac Toe – Mc’Ds windows usually have the plastic cross hatching to make them look… french or something? roll up some napkin balls and blow them through straws so they stick to th window. then use the white cross hatching as guidelines for tic tac toe. Play with a friend – as long as no employees are watching
  5. Straw Snapper – pinch the ends of the straw, one end in each hand and wind them up to produce a bubble of air in the middle, then get someone to flick it hard with their finger. If done right, it will produce a LOUD pop.

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One thought on “Top 5 things to do at Mc’Ds when you’re bored

  1. I KNEW you would do that straw snapper… legendary post-hockey time killer… I have taught it to thr youth I work with. Love it

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