10 reasons why the Lord will return in the next 10 years

Provocative blog title, I know…  I stole some of this from Steve Hadley (harvestreno.org) and / or Chuck Missler (khouse.org) and of course from Jack van Impe (jvim.com)

  1. satellite telecommunications – to broadcast the two witnesses around the world
  2. weapons of mass destruction – man could destory all flesh on earth if he wanted to, neutron bombs actually only attack flesh, they leave buildings standing.
  3. birth pains – floods, tsunamis, earthquakes – sure, these things have happened for years but they have to also be happening in the end times and will increase
  4. world government – the anti-christ will take hold of the revived roman empire and attempt to control the world through it
  5. We’re supposedly at the end of our 6th day (6000th year), infact supposedly in the 7th year already. 6 being the number of man and number of years in thousands that man will work on earth
  6. Islam is growing – there will be a one world religion in the end times, some speculate some kind of combination of catholicism and Islam, something that appeases all faiths and accepts all peoples and views
  7. earths population is rapidly expanding – the earths population will surpass 7 billion in 2010. Some estimate that there were 6 billion people on the earth before the flood – quite interesting
  8. Israel has been reborn as a nation after 2000 years – this is easily a miracle, we are living in biblical times
  9. Israel continues to dominate its neighbours as they try to destroy her – 8 hours after the UN gave Israel a nation, all the Arab peoples around her invaded, outnumbered 3 to 1 at least, they quickly overcame all the invaders, several times after that they also won wars that were considered not winnable.
  10. signs in the heavens – wonderful amazing things like comets, more planets, sunspots and the expansive galaxy all defy our understanding and comprehension. In the end times, man will shutter in fear seeing frightful signs in the skies and will be scorched with heat. Sunspots / bursts could do that sort of thing

I suppose if these were in order, the number 1 sign would be Israel as a nation again with its unique language not spoken for 2000 years.  Get reading your bible about this stuff, prophecy is FASCINATING stuff!

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One thought on “10 reasons why the Lord will return in the next 10 years

  1. That video we watched really was amazing. It made me think of how messed up our world is. The fact that our media really does coddle Islam and criticize Christianity and the West, to a much higher degree than it should, really speaks to how wacky things are. And the bible did say things would be crazy in the end-times.

    I’ve read large portions of the Koran and it’s not like the bible. In the bible we’re criticized for a god who appears murderous in the old testament, but at least we can point to a new normal in the new testament. It doesn’t appear that way with the Koran. There’s no definitive way of showing it to be peaceful. It includes many sections on being violent at times and being peaceful at times. But the crux is violence is unbridled whereas in the bible it is countered.

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