After the funeral

Its now after the funeral, the display items are all packed away, the flowers cleared, most people are gone, its early evening and the house is quiet. We’re all quite tired but somehow, for some reason I’m not going to have a nap. It was an emotional day for me, hard especially when I got up to speak. Now… i’m not a public speaker at the best of times, so that paired with a funeral for my mom was extra hard, yes I cried 😛 … I suppose, if I’m ever going to cry, that is an acceptable time!

My ‘goodbye’ time came when they closed the casket for the last time. I was right in front, and as I noticed the funeral staff closing the casket, I said goodbye. That was hard, I suppose I haven’t really said goodbye for real for real. Maybe after today I have. Its hard losing my mom so young but, there are many others who have had less time with their mothers, so I’m blessed to be able to spend the time I did with mom. This Christmas was great, good times spent with mom and dad and all our family Christmas eve and morning.

Anyways, so many thoughts but I’m going to relax for a while now.

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One thought on “After the funeral

  1. I really wish I could of been there Micah. I know it’s been tough the last little while, your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. Donna was a blessing to those she interacted with. She did leave a very positive and funny impression on my life. Her supply teaching was a joy, and the VBS she held at the old house planted seeds of the gospel in my heart.
    Stay strong brother. Keep seeking His face.

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