God. will. take care of us.

We got a Plumb cd, believe it was a Christmas present for Lindsey from Megan (and its a REAL cd 😛 ). Anyways, I heard this song and I really liked it. Its sorta dreamy sounding, it presents a certain mood, and a realization in bad / sad / hard times that God will be there. Here it below:

I think we need to remember this every day through trials tribulations. I suppose with the earthquake in Haiti, its more poignant as well. I imagine someone dying in a movie with this in the background, life like a movie passing before their eyes, seeing all the years they spent on earth, gone like a breath, and God was there the whole time taking care of us.

Whether good times or bad, God is ever present, watching over us, keep us safe on the roads when we drive too fast, providing food and abundantly for our table, providing even our breath each day, a warm house, all good things, answering prayers and loving us unconditionally.

I hope I can sing in heaven, I hope we will all be able to play instruments and sing in heaven, and of course, play with all our family and relatives who are there already.  This life can be scary but the ‘after life’ is all the scarier only because we don’t know what will happen, I mean we have faith, but until it happens, none of us is quite comfortable with the idea of death, as it cuts into our enjoyment of this existence, with our family, friends, hobbies and such. God and our faith in God provide the answers but we as often unfaithful sinful humans still worry and stress.

God will take care of you!

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