We finally got our first baby picture from the ultra sound yesterday. Its a picture of his / her face.  Its an ultra sound picture, .. need I say more? Not too much  for detail but you get the gist of it.  If the Internet is still around when our baby is 10 or so, we’ll show them a picture of this and see what they think 😉  Notice they spelled Lindsey’s name correctly! I’m excited to be a dad but at the same time, a little complacent about the whole process and what it will involve. I know we’re not ready to have a kid, ie, we don’t have a car seat and things like that. We have things to do yet but I feel in no particular rush about it. I’m trying not to worry about the future, knowing its all in Gods hands. I’ll love the baby when it arrives, I’ll try to be a good dad, and we’ll do our best to be good parents, no great parents! Might as well strive for the best! There are a few others in our church who are pregnant too and that in itself is nice to know, to see that others will be traveling that road with us, being poor, worrying whether we’ll have enough money to support a child, having to adjust to all the things that come with kids.

The ultra-sound of our first baby

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