Keeping the temperature cool

We have a plan of sorts for this oil issue,… keep the downstairs nice and cool. Why? Well, Lindsey is working full days as of late so no one uses that space, I’m upstairs. Upstairs we keep the temp more even since I use it throughout the day and we don’t want it freezing for sleeping either, plus all the heat naturally rises up here so its a good place to attempt to keep warmer. We’re using the propane fireplace for area heating, its running its pilot flame ALL the time so might as well use it since we can’t let it run dry either.

How is it working? Will be hard to say, we were gone for two weeks and had the temps all down low and of course no hot water use (which i think is a big cost as its the same water that heats the house). We’ll know next week sometime when I request another fill up on the tank. Thankfully (Lord), with Lindsey working so much this week and next, we’re actually do have the extra money need to pay for it all, though not much is going into savings 🙁 Such is life when yer a ‘big person’ (aka adult)

Shooting for around $300 this month, would be nice if it were only that!

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