The Snow, the Island and what not

We got home to a driveway full of snow from the big storm that had just passed. I shoveled most of it, its basically all heavy slush, so really tiresome and hard to move. I’ll work away more at it tonight to clear out the mouth of the drive more. There is another layer of slushy snow on it today as well, the temp is hovering around zero these days. I’m wondering if they stay under zero here in the winter… I don’t know. Maybe February will be the telling month. We have lots of snow, its just all quite wet.

We’re looking forward to getting back to church, haven’t set foot in a church in 3 weeks as in Ontario, my mom wasn’t able to attend so we watched Calvary (our home church) on ustream. That was fun, we missed being here for the Christmas eve service and all that.

HTC Apache PPC 6700

Things of ‘what not’. I purchased ANOTHER HTC Apache PPC 6700 off ebay, plus an extra battery. It comes in the box with all the accessories and manuals which is cool, just that the battery apparently exploded. I love the iPod touch and i always wanted to get one but the 8gig is 200 and you can’t do much to the touch, no expandable memory, no mic jack,… all you can do is download apps. So with the ppc 6700, I can put as much memory in it that I want, I can download any conceivable app I want, even make it look totally like an iphone which is cool with touch screen interface and all.Check it out here. I think its one of the best units you can get even today because it has a slide out full qwerty keyboard. I won’t use it as a phone, rather just a wifi device, and maybe a skype device. So looking forward to this getting here, I’m sure I will blog a few times on it when I get it, and maybe blog FROM it 🙂

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