NSMB.Wii Cover
NSMB.Wii Cover

One of the funnest looking games this year is New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Its an all new (I think… I don’t think its just a copy of the DS title) Mario brothers. Just like the original, its a side scrolling adventure with vibrant colours, new control styles AND a new simultaneous multiplayer mode where up to 4 players can play on the same screen, that is very cool and the reason this game is selling like hot cakes (whatever hot cakes are…). This boxing day, I went to probably more then 15 stores, Zellers, Walmart, future shop, bestbuy, shoppers drugmart, ebgames, block buster, rogers video, and all multiple times so maybe more like 20 stores! Zero copies anywhere, ALL sold out 🙁 Heres the official Nintendo site:


Many of my friends already have it this Christmas, wish I got it before 🙂 Ohwell, something to look forward to later. I just love when a game comes out that I find the excitement level to play just like old times. Reminds me that my video gaming pass time isn’t losing steam, I’m not becoming a boring ‘adult’ who thinks video games are for kids :). I”m super glad I can still enjoy these classic games!

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