Oh I wish to own a house – how efficient is YOUR home?

With the fun of realizing just HOW MUCH heating this old house is, I will be so glad when we can purchase our own NEWER house. Its a good lesson in owning a house I guess, we’re getting the worst example of how much it can cost here. The problem living here is that we can’t conserve heat like we should be able to. We’re forced to heat the sun porch to 10 degrees which isn’t even insulated so that the pipes going to the room don’t freeze,.. apparently there is no anti-freeze in the pipes :S .I’ve plastic’d up all the windows and doors I could. There are SO many cracks in the old plaster walls everywhere, where cold air is just rushing in, I’ve filled as many as I can but again, we don’t own the house so we can’t do anything permanent or seal anything 100%.

We can’t even put in digital thermostats without the ‘help’ of a qualified electrician – might burn down the house.. 🙁 (landlords ideas). Brutal, so our hands are tied.


but ya, good learning experience. What have I learned? The importance of sealing drafts, how well shrink wrap plastic works (on windows that are not the best), how expensive it CAN be for oil ($500 a month…), how getting a newer home will pay off in lower energy bills overall, how insulation can help significantly. There are SO many things I would do to this house which I’m sure would cut the heating costs in half and they are all pretty basic things,… ie, sealing up holes / cracks. Simple stuff, I can’t imagine why this basic stuff hasn’t been done before. Are people fine with spending $400 to $500 a month on oil? I think the trick is the monthly payments, the oil company splits up the cost of oil over the 12 months, so you pay $200 a month rather than $500 a month for 4 or 5 months of the year. But I guess that can cause you to just get comfortable with your heating bills and not want to lower them.

I can now say I well appreciate what an efficient can provide us, mostly in money, and secondarily in comfort. Less drafts means your feel stay warm, less chills etc.  We plan on getting geothermal which all but make this issue go away.  Oh, I can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Oh I wish to own a house – how efficient is YOUR home?

  1. ‘Cool’ picture of the house losing its heat – hard to keep ‘cool’
    when the heat is leaving the house in the form of dollars!

    It would be worth paying a plumber for a couple of hours to exchange the water in the heating pipes for a glycol mix (too bad you’re not allowed to do it yourself). Maybe you could put it to the owners that if there was a storm and the power was knocked out for 24 hours that the pipes would burst and they would be paying a lot more for repairs from the damage.
    Just a thought …!


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