Quiet Times

As I sit drinking my coffee here in our chilly downstairs (I lowered the temp to save oil since for 18 hours of the day we are not downstairs) I’m enjoying the silence. I need to pause and remember what this is, what its like. Times are coming when our house will be quiet no more. There will be the hustle and bustle of a whole family, kids waking up early early (more earlier than we presently wake up!), kids to dress and send off to school, lunches to make,… just so many things. Our lives are so simple right now basically all about us in a way. We do what we want, when we want. We even have money for most of the things we want, but when we have kids we’ll have all different priorities / expenses. Definitely exciting times they will be. BUT, I need to enjoy NOW because now doesn’t last forever. Will this blog go stale when we have a whole family here? I’m guessing I won’t have near as much time to myself when no-one else is around. We’ll see.

Family is such a precious thing, its almost everything to us on this earth. As a young married couple, we’ve gone to our parents for SO many things, questions, issues, looking for advice. And then all the good things about thanksgiving, Christmas, all those big family meals. I’m going to focus on thoroughly enjoy Christmas this year – the first in a LONG time where Lindsey and I will be waking up in my parents home Christmas morning and opening presents under the tree. That will be cool, and a throw back. I need to remember to take my ‘faux fire’ dvd to play on dads 42 inch flatscreen 😛  Nothing says Christmas like a fake fire dvd 🙂

Here are some photos of our families at Christmas:

Gallant FamilyBernhardt Familiy

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