Maybe the earth was smaller at one time?

Came across this youtube video as I was searching for ‘conspiracy’ stuff 🙂 This is great though, it shows animations of how the earth might have been smaller at one point and grew to create the continents. The number of years is large and doesn’t account for the ‘fountains of the deep opening up’ and such. If the bible is true, this could have happened very violently and rapidly. A very interesting concept, one that makes sense to me, how come we’ve never heard of this before??

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2 thoughts on “Maybe the earth was smaller at one time?

  1. I love outside-the-box thinking like that. The world needs more alternate theories out in the public eye so they can see how they are proved or disproved.

    Whenever I come across cool discoveries or theories like this I like to think back to the bible and any references that might be related.

    I can only think of God saying he stretched out the sky.

    There’s a scene in the Truman Show where truman is a baby and there’s a camera right above his crib. Later, cameras are hidden in subtler and subtler places. The “God” in the movie is up in the moon. Eventually Truman discovers the edge of his world. Maybe the world/universe was smaller thousands of years ago. About the time the ancients would begin to analyze the sky and develop mathematics and devices to think about the sky, perhaps God/the heavens removed away from the earth so that we wouldn’t be able to tell.

    Anyway, thinking outside the box is always good as it helps us be more creative in understanding what God has done. The more I learn the more I really begin to think this world is crazier than we even imagine (God’s whole point in the book of Job).

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