Its a B-E-A utiful sunny morning

This morning the sun is out strong, and my solar panels are soaking it up. Too bad I have a house directly in the way for much of the morning. I could be getting so much more power. I suppose this is teaching me the advantage of good panel placement for maximum solar exposure. Solar panels work almost all the time there is any kind of light but exponentially greater when the sun is directly shining on them. Good lesson.

But solar energy wasn’t the purpose of this post. I’m enjoying my regular cup of coffee this morning. It doesn’t get old – though it would be nice to have a sun porch I could sit in that was toasty and actually had the sun shining in on it. Our sun porch doesn’t get much sun because of the trees, the houses etc, so its not much of a useful space right now.

Its getting colder out, first time of scrapping the cars windows for the year! Soon it will be shoveling the snow in the drive (which I do enjoy actually, great exercise, makes me feel like I’m a regular Joe in Canada, just getting stuff done. ). As the base board heaters creak and crack (as the hot water flows through them and begin to radiate heat) I’m reminded of the oil that is being burnt to keep us comfortable, no small amount of change there! Can’t wait for geothermal energy wherever we happen to get it!

So glad that Lindsey is able to have a job right now and help out with the finances, and hopefully SAVE some money otherwise we would totally be scraping buy – which isn’t all bad, just nice that we have a comfortable cushion and a chance to save some money in expectation of purchasing a house in the coming months – I hope!!

On goes my rambling thoughts – how great it will be to own our own home.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • being able to tweak the heating system with electronic thermostats to maximize efficiency
  • being able to seal up the house draft wise to save on heating and improve overall comfortability
  • Not having to worry about the landlord coming over and inspecting every little piece of the house to make sure we’re not ‘wrecking’ it
  • having a garage that I can actually install lights in and hang stuff on the wall – right now our garage totally feels like its not ours, I can’t hand stuff on the walls, stuff is just stacked on the floor.
  • not worrying about scratching table tops, fridges, denting things … (especially with kids!)

Some more positive things I’m looking forward to are:

  • cutting the grass – we aren’t allowed to here, the landlord takes care of it
  • painting
  • fixing walls – again, there are walls here i could fix myself but the landlord wouldn’t let me, even caulking the shower is too much, landlord has to do it 🙁 Sometimes I enjoy doing those little maintenance things, makes me feel like a man 🙂 but.. alas, I’m not able
  • doing geothermal
  • being on well water and septic (can’t wait to be off town supplies, I think it will be a great learning experience for me and cheaper hopefully to maintain those things, or at least in some way more management.
  • having a lawn to call my own

I guess there are so many things that will be different, I can’t wait for it! We’re praying for Gods direction on what house and when. We’re hoping the right one comes up for sale next summer as we would like to move then if only so that we’re paying our own mortgage instead of someone elses. Not making real good financial sense for us to be renting really. Anyways, thats another blog.

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