How the Wii has changed my life

Its like,… 3 years since Wii launch. November 6th(?), 2006. I slept and sat outside of Zellers for 23 hours before launch. Below is a picture from that fateful day. Lindsey, myself and Charles who came out for fun to sit and wait for Zellers to open on launch day.

18-11-06_1901I’ve played many many games on it, finished a number of Zeldas, currently playing Wind Waker which is actually a gamecube game. I have 4 Wiimotes, 1 virtual controller, a pistol accessory, 2 nun-chucks, lots of rechargeable batteries and about 12 REAL games, ie dvd ones, and ┬álike 15 Wiiware / Virtual console games. Nintendo has gotten good money out of me! I love it though and have lots of fun with it. Great party game and the Zeldas are great. Increasingly the Wiiware games are of high calibre too.

So far I can report zero problems with the unit (unlike 360s having to be sent back.) I’ve never had to replace a Wiimote or anythings, it all just works. Now… I wish I had a HD widescreen TV to actually use the 480p, That would be ideal! Maybe next year… Our ‘old’ 32 inch is still kicking, I bought it maybe 5 years ago in Fort Smith, from Sears I guess. It does have a colour spot on it occasionally so the tube is showing signs of age but still serves its purpose, especially when our TV consists of 2 snowy rabbit ear channels!

On the green side of things, because the TV and Wii suck power even when off, I have a timer set on it. It turns off all Tvs, Wiis, DVD player etc during night to save power, it does a great job actually!

Lindsey last completed Lost Winds, 1 AND 2 that just came out. I have yet to complete 2.

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