I think in this blog I would like to have more details on what we’re doing in this time of our lives. That way it will be a nice little history of our family for our kids and for us to remember. Maybe I can make this a regular thing?? We’ll see.

Right now we have been living in PEI for 6 months or so. ย The move wasn’t too crazy for me, as i just work out of the house anyways but for Lindsey it was a big change, away from friends, having to find new jobs (multiple so far), finding a new church, finding out what to get involved in.

Currently Lindsey is working at the Bookmark in Charlottetown. She enjoys it but its longer hours each day then she has been used to. Getting lots of good hours in. We need them for a down payment and other things.

Yes, we’re *thinking* of purchasing a house next year, nothing huge but something our own. We’re done with renting, its not a good investment (not an investment at all…) and we can’t DO anything to the house so its hard to feel at home when we can’t do what we want. We’ll need room for a family next year too. Not that our current house isn’t big enough, it is fairly big, but ya, we just don’t own it. ย So that is a big step for us, we think we can afford it. We’re asking the Lords guidance on that one. Which house, where, and how much to mortgage and all. Big questions and the biggest purchase of our lives (the current biggest is our car, which we will NEVER do again. The car just isn’t worth it, its not an investment at all and its killing us with monthly payments ๐Ÿ™ ).

Where else are we, we’ve settled into the Charlottetown pentecostal church, Calvary. We’re on the worship team and Lindsey is doing some kids church stuff as well on the side. We’re trying not to go crazy with involvement right now, we were quite busy in G-town, which was totally fine for that time in our lives.

We’ve enjoyed all the visitors we had in these short few months since arriving on the Island, seems EVERYONE vacations out here ๐Ÿ™‚ ย . We enjoy driving around, seeing the sunset (though its setting too early for us to enjoy it right now), geocaching has been lots of fun and we still have something like 970 caches on the Island to go. So no end to that for a while!

I’ve been able to get lots of my renewable energy projects off the ground, next is hydro I think.

We miss ontario a bit, maybe Lindsey more than I but our families are there and friends. My bike is there too, hope to get that over here sometime next year. One nice thing is that its not a bad drive to get over there, 16 to 18 hours travel. So its not out of the question for a week or more of vacation. We’ll likely need a calendar to schedule all the visits we expect for next year here, and we love it ๐Ÿ™‚ Love seeing lots of people come through here, stay over etc.

Currently we’re living in Kensington, which is a really nice little town, a good variety store just a walk away, nice quiet neighbours and a quiet town. We’re far from church friends and acquaintances though being here, 30 minutes min to get into church which is a long ways on a sunday morning.

So,… thats where we are in this November of 2009.

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