OH, the fun of buying a house. We are indeed FIRST TIME  house buyers looking around.

Do we buy something we LOVE for more money, or settle on something more affordable that we aren’t in love with while building our family and equity… Do we get property in town, out of town, what is the best for resale? If a house is an investment, we need to find a place where the potential will continue upwards.

We had our most recent experience where we went to the bank, got all our numbers in order, figured out the max we could spend, OK’d extra renovation amounts for the property and house we were looking at, did all that stuff, then as we went to tour the location of that house, found out that it was SOLD 🙁 I suppose that is part of the fun of house shopping. Ie, not getting the one you really wanted. And then how much is it the Lord telling us that isn’t the right place and how much is just the luck of the draw… But, I did have questions about it still even though we were pumped and all ‘planned up’ for it. So, now that that decision has been made for us,… we proceed onwards looking for a good home for what will be our growing family!

The Lords Will be done!

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