Never being the best

I do lots of things, play instruments, sing, play hockey, build things, work on cars and around the house, design websites, program database driven websites, work on computers, fly planes, play Nintendo, etc…

I suppose I really always knew but, now I’m thinking about it. I’m not the best at anything I do. I suppose this maybe is a good post for our children to come. An expression of my thoughts on the subject about being who you are.. anyways, back to the post.

I can do lots of things, some things better then others. Mostly I do things well enough to get them done, at least to my standards. I can repair things so that they look ‘good enough’ though maybe a professional can spot the imperfections. I can sing and play instruments, but am no professional there either. I play well enough to get by – with the chords that I know, and sound *just* good enough to pass as an instrument player at church.

I’ve played hockey on many types of teams, usually losing ones. On those teams, I felt like one of the better players as I got to lead the team, show the extra drive and passion, score more goals and be one of ‘those’ guys that you want out in a pinch situation. Never the best but higher up on the team. Now I play for a church team who, in their league, is one of the better teams. Now I am totally one of the worst players on the team – not to say that I’m lousy, wouldn’t go that far 😉 . I think I’m pulling my weight, holding my own, but I’m definitely not a number one liner, or even a guy (at least at this part of the season) that you would put out in a pinch.

All that to say, no matter what I do, someone will always be better then I. I like to think that I’m good at a lot of things, not the best at any one, more of a jack of all trades really. The guys who get to the NHL, or become commercial pilots are often very specialized, … you have to be usually to get THAT good at what you do. And thats OK with me. For me, I feel the need to be at some level of competency when playing a sport especially, if I’m below that level, I’m pulling the team down.

Anyways, I think the lesson is that I need to worry about doing the best that I can in whatever I do. Understanding that in life, we will never be the BEST, or very rarely anyways. There is usually someone somewhere that is better, faster, more knowledgeable, has more experience etc in whatever you do. My thing is to do my best, as honouring to the Lord, give Him thanks that you can even do what you are doing, and enjoy doing what you’re doing and allow yourself to feel success in your accomplishments.

Here is a quick quote on the subject:

The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one’s opportunities and make the most of one’s resources.

My problem with getting GREAT at something is that I get bored all too quickly. I have a short attention span so I get interested in something enough to learn it / do it, but once its done, or done ‘enough’ I move on. I’m not usually inspired to become great at something. example, playing guitar. I learn it in college, I learned the basic chords, enough to play songs basically that have 3 chords in them. Sure, I learn new chords over the years but I’ve never been inspired to be great at it, picking, all the fancy  d/a, whatever, crazy chords, or strum techniques. I’ve never bothered to train my fingers with those hand strengthening things for guitar players. I’m satisfied that i can play a song, period. So goes it with everything else, I’m happy to get the job done adequately, and then just enjoy the use or playing of it after the fact.

Sometimes I feel like those who are great at what they do are missing out on so many other things, like fixing your car, geocaching, playing and being good at video games. They miss out on so many other things. I like to taste a little bit of everything in life. this is a long post.

Suffice to say, to my future children, your dad isn’t the best at anything particularly, but he puts his effort fully into anything he does, to the best of his ability. My dad did the same thing, he taught me many things, probably the best of which was that there isn’t much that one can’t do. You just have to try it. Most people fail because they never try something. The answer to a question never asked is always NO. Do the best you can at whatever you do and you will get far in life!

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2 thoughts on “Never being the best

  1. I feel the same way. I think everybody feels the same way.

    “All that to say, no matter what I do, someone will always be better then I.”

    That’s all too true and nothing to worry about at all. Think about Crosby. Ovechkin is arguable better than him about most things. Some kid is out there right now better than Ovechkin. Gustavvson is better than Toskala. I always thought if you had played goal full time you’d be better than me.

    So I’m satisfied with knowing that there’s always someone out there that’s better than me. Even if I’m Ovechkin, Crosby, Usaine Bolt, etc. The important thing is living up to your own standards.

  2. I’m kinda sorta sad I didn’t get to use my equipment a bit more. My new glove and blocker are hardly broken in… Honestly, now I don’t think I’ll ever play goal much. Ohwell. I enjoy playing out as well.

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