I’m over half way through my Bee book. Its called ‘All About bees, Beekeeping and Honey’ by Walter L. Gojmerac. This will be… the 4th book I’ve ever read I think?

  1. Screwtape Letters, C.S Lewis
  2. the Bible, God
  3. Renewable Energy – not sure… too lazy to check
  4. and.. this one

Ya, I don’t like reading much at all! Unless its something I’m very interested in. I’ve ‘read’ more Nintendo Power magazines than anything else probably 😛 And even at that, I just look at all the photos… Anyways, to the book.

I find bees fascinating, they have such a little microcosm setup there, they are individual bees but they work as one organism, remove one group of them and the colony can’t survive. Very cool stuff, AND they make nice organic (well, as organic as the flowers and plants they are pollenating are) honey. Free honey! This is something like maple syrup, although maple syrup would end up being a lot less time consuming. I love free earth food.  Keeping bees is apparently fairly easy for the beginner, and for whatever reason, I’m just not getting bored. I really want to try and own a few hives (they suggest 2 or 3 because Bees are very social animals). All I need (so that Lindsey approves) is a bigger lot. The books say you can have them in even urban environments but I think that is sketchy, so many parents would be worrying and they would think that the bees are buzzing around all the time. Colonies grow to 40 or 50,000 bees! so thats a lot of bees in a confined space.

My dad is allergic to bee stings, I’m not, at least I wasn’t when I was younger because I have been stung before, once before at least. Not sure if that ‘grows’ on you after a while…

Here is a nice little youtube vid on a bees lifecycle. Fascinating stuff!

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