Seasons in our life

I notice different seasons in our lives, in my life. In terms of hobbies, things we like / prefer to spend our time doing.

One of those things is geocache, its a great adventure and promotes ‘getting outside’, getting exercise and using some technology (that always helps to persuade me to do something). I believe our best is 12 caches in one day? Lame by some geocachers accounts I know. BUT, I’m an original geocacher from the year 2000 so blah. That is a lot in a day for me. Some friends go out and do 20 or 30 in a day, and one did a whole night of geocaching where she got 80+! So anyways, we have seasons where for days / weeks straight we’ll go hardcore searching out geocaches ( We get bored, or get into other things though some times.

Another one of the ‘seasons’ is Nintendo. Its been a great standby. When we were kids, our parents never bought us Nintendos for Christmas like all the other kids :(, hardship I know! so when I went to college the first time, I went out and bought an N64, my first Nintendo console! Waverace 64 was a HIT in our college dorm in Sault Ste Marie! And I haven’t stopped buying consoles at launch since, I waited outside for the Gamecube in Lindsay, ON, at a local zellers and slept outside of a zellers in Georgetown, ON for 23 hours before the launch of the Wii – first in line for 3 units at the store, woot!  Back to the story, so I get on stints of playing Wii, Zelda for example hours at a time, or certain games that I’m trying to finish, Battalion Wars, Zelda Wind Waker (the current interest), Lost Winds, Wave Race, Super Mario Galaxy, you know, all the big names. Finished basically all of them. I like to finish games, get them under my belt so to speak, makes me feel like a gamer and that I’ve gotten back a bit of my poor poor childhood without Nintendo 😛 . Good fun and a great distraction from every day things. Not that I need a distraction, its just fun!

The Nintendo season is what I’m into now.

An all year round season has been Bible prophecy(such as, haven’t lost interest in it at all, SO many things going on these days in the world related to bible prophecy, WOW! That is a perennial season (can I make up my own english? Does that make sense..)

Another season might be watching TV but I haven’t done that much in the last 4 years at least (the elapsed time of our marriage) because during that time we have never paid for TV. Too cheap,… at $50 a month minimum once you consider taxes, service fees etc, that $50 can be spent elsewhere very quickly! Like… brakes for our car, or food.

Another season might be HARDCORE church involvement, we were quite busy in Georgetown, which isn’t bad at all, just doesn’t leave too much time for other time consuming hobbies like the hours required to get through a Zelda game (40 to 50 hours of playing time).

And another might be my webdesign / PHP building hobby, such as for the website, tootling around with it, tweaking it, enhancing it, its a great hobby. I like building things!

So there ya go, some of my hobbies but not all. As I get bored of one, I just pick up another 🙂

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