Billions of years

Now.. I can’t prove myself that the earth is young but there are many many very intelligent scientists, christian AND secular that believe all the evidence does point to a young earth. Now guys like Jack Van Impe (one whom I was regularly for intelligent insight into bible prophecy) are suggesting the earch is billions of years old. I think in this case, he needs to do a bit more homework because a young earth is VERY plausible, proven by science and, last but not least at all, the bible plainly says it was created in a short time, 6 days to be exact. Whether 6 days or 6000 years, that is still MUCH shorter then billions of years. A little understanding of the pre-flood world will help you understand why things like the grand canyon were formed (rapidly) and why big creatures like the dinosaur aren’t living today. For a quick article on this that presents evidence for a young earth, click here:

If you don’t believe in a young earth, I recommend you open your eyes and respect the theory as much as you did when you learned evolution and billions of years. If you come at it with an intelligent questioning mind, I think you’ll see much merit in it, and as you dig deeper, it will really come together and make sense.

Why do the ‘big’ scientists not believe in this? Because they don’t want to be forced into believing there is a god, or there is God, and if they start to believe in a young earth, they know they will be forced to believe in God just because thats where the evidence leads. And any self respecting scientist can’t believe in God right? they have to be objective and see natural processes in all things, and God could not have helped or ‘created’ anything in this world…

Hmm,  please do spend time to review this if you don’t know anything about creation. Be inquisitive, press these subjects with all the questions you have and see if you ever hit a brick wall. My guess is that you’ll find an answer that makes sense for anything you ask.

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