The obligatory Anniversary post

This past weekend was our 4th wedding anniversary. Oct 1 and the 4th is of course my birthday.  We spent our anniversary on friday night in a light house (West Point Lighthouse). So that was very maritime-ish and cool! The ceilings were 12 feet high! So much for energy conservation while heating it. But then its only open in the summer anyways. We had dinner there that night and a continental breakfast in the morning and we walked the beach as well. We then proceeded to drive up the west coast  a little. Did some sight seeing and geocaching on the way home.

Saturday night was my first hockey game of the year! woohoo! I do have some work to do on the team to get my legs back and get up to the other young guys levels 😛 I have to say young guys now, thats a great excuse for me 🙂 . Lost 4-3, but it was a good first game.

Sunday was my birthday. Lindsey woke us up an extra hour early because she didn’t realize what time it was so we got to church an hour early with nothing to do, so we used that excuse to go for dinner at Smittys 🙂 Which I didn’t mind. I always like breakfast at restaurants. Smittys is one of the best places (although the orange juice we got there was $3.39 :S ).  Then we went to church,  got back, had a nap, played Wii (Lost Winds), then I put new brake pads on our car in our  uber big garage (which should be excellent for working on the car in the winter).

It almost seemed like 2 weekends as we packed SO much in but it was good.  I’m happy to be married to Lindsey and excited for our family in the future.  I love her with all my heart!

Oh, and THANKS to Christen and Andrew for our stay in the lighthouse!

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