The fear of the Bible, Truth and Bible Prophecy

Its not real PC to speak the truth these day, its not really accepted to like Israel and to want to see Israel prosper. If you speak of supporting Israel, somehow people see you as backwards, a war monger, and speak of Israel as being almost evil and two faced, apparently disregarding, indeed turning a blind eye to all the other countries around there. Its kinda like adults and children, the unspoken view is that all the other countries around Israel are like the children, we look past all the crazy things they are doing because we rationalize that they are like children and can’t be stopped so we put all the blame and expectation on Israel (the rational adult). Its Israels fault all this is happening, sure the other countries are instigating, complicating and derogating Israel and the situation. People don’t see it, well, I think they know but what comes out in action is to condemn Israel,  and be the hippies of the 2009s, peace at any cost and all that. I would love there to be peace in the middle east, but the rational intelligent person knows that that is not likely. The people in the middle east, especially some of the leaders are not rational, they have their own agendas. I don’t think I’m saying anything that isn’t common knowledge already.

Pray for peace indeed, but I don’t have a problem with action either. God was so forgiving and patient in the bible, yet it came to a point sometimes that He would have no option but to act. As parents even, we love and are patient, but at some point a heavy hand has to come down to discipline those children. The G20 and UN can talk all they want about sanctions. How many sanctions are on countries in the middle east now? They sanctions ever work? Not for North Korea who started up their reactor again. Not for Iran if all the current news is to be believed (and thats assuming you don’t believe their leaders who are admitting to this stuff in the news). Sanctions are great for countries with leaders that care about their populous, that care about their future and just want safety and prosperity for their country or people. What we westerners need to understand is that some of these leaders simply don’t care about their people. Thats what we can’t wrap our heads around. Because of religious belief or simply a world domination bent, it doesn’t matter, its a fact that we in the western world can’t really comprehend. In the past leaders have condemned all the big bad guys, Stalin, Hilter, all those guys, we had meetings and had strong words for them. Did it stop them? Not at all, it made them realize that democracy is often a lot of talking with little concrete action, and definitely no real consequences.

No, the world body will never work because we all have different morals, different rules for life, belief systems, escathologies and all that. I don’t like all the non talk about religion, it is a huge factor in most  world conflicts,.. if not all. Religious ideology, twisted beliefs and attitudes on people groups and ways of life all work into the mix of the conflicts in history. I agree with all the uber liberals on sites like digg when they make fun of Christians, most of us do have a religion that is often more important or comes out more important than our supposed ‘relationship’ with Christ which should be all about love.

The world won’t be rational and religion won’t be done away with until Christ returns. I actually don’t fear Israel’s destruction myself, I think the bible says they will still be around (if only fewer in numbers) when Christ returns the final time. God won’t let them be destroyed. Whether through acts of God or Israel’s unilateral military forays (with Gods backing – 6 day war anybody??? that was a miraculous war if you’ve read anything about it!!), they will not be destroyed although they will be tested.

For all those who are scared of nuclear weapons and just want peace, read your bible. God has great plans and there isn’t any lack of war in those pages. I’m not worried about my future or my eternity because I have Jesus in my heart. And I know Israelis are Gods chosen people and He won’t let them all die (if the bible is true which I of course believe it is). These news headlines are all prophesised, wars, rumours of wars, fear, and all that. Just read your bible and look to God, Jesus will be returning soon, whether in 1 year, or 10 years, all these things are in your own bible!\

I’m not scared of the times at all, I think they are super exciting, knowing that God has a plan and He won’t allow the complete destruction of the world, but there will be some heavy times ahead. All I know is God wins so I’m pumped, looking expectantly for Jesus and watching the signs of the times as illustrated in the Word of God!

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Basically, ask Jesus into your heart, ask forgiveness of your sins, and if sincere, you will be in His family.

John 3:16 (New International Version)

16″For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

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