Was reading Exodus 6. Exodus so far is all about Moses talking to Pharoah, trying to get him to release the Israelites. All through it God has a long term plan which mo and people don’t understand as throughout it, their work and pain seem to just grow and grow from the actions that God gives Moses to do.

So Moses told the people what the LORD had said, but they wouldn’t listen anymore. They had become too discouraged by the increasing burden of their slavery.

Exodus 6:9

This reminds me of me,… and all today I think.  We live such a short life but to us, its all that we have and it certainly doesn’t seem to be short when we’re living minute by minute, day by day. God promises us that He is working things out in our lives for His glory, but we don’t see the ‘happiness’ and the ‘blessing’ sometimes. Often God is teaching us, taking us through some valley so that we can lean on Him more, understand Him more, become closer to Him. For us though, we can’t see past the end of the current hour let alone all the glory God has for us down the road or in heaven (yes, some people don’t even have a comfortable life ever, or are they ever.

I think we need some preaching, and / or we need to do some self study on looking past our circumstances, seeing the big picture and envisioning just what God might be doing in our lives. Can we imagine what God may have instore for us, maybe ‘google earth’ our lives and see the big picture?

BUT, easy for me to say, I’m living comfortable, no major issues, health, financial or otherwise. I’m UBER blessed! what would I do as soon as I need to be bent and maybe broken, I dunno. Maybe I’ll come back and read this post. Something to think about.

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