Heres some of my thoughts on the Wii. Basically, the Wii has a bunch of channels. Great. But they haven’t been updated (95% of them) at all since Wii was launched. What has happened is that we’ve all gotten bored of the old channels, Mii Plaza, the weather channel (who really starts their Wii every morning to check that?), new channel (does anybody read that at all more than once on the day they bring home the Wii??).

Here are my ideas for each of the channels, little things that would inject life into them atleast for a while and wouldn’t take much time: (and there are tons of good ideas, these are just a few for each out of my head)

Mii Channel – how about different colours for friends online? How about a Mii Stadium where you could view and zoom in on every single Mii in the Nintendo online universe, how cool would that be?  How about a little chat area where if a friend was online, you could ping him, maybe ask him to load up bomberman blast and have a game or two, or even add some cheesy tic tac toe games or something where you could sit back and play against another bored friend on the other side of the world? Simple, but it would keep people coming back I think. And even if it didn’t at least it would generate interest in the channels again for a short time…

Photo Channel – well, this is just a waste really, the Wii isn’t a good place, although how bout an Wii based photo album and website publisher where you could make Wii photo albums that included trophies from games, Mii charactors for all to see, achievements posted for all, or directly uploaded to facebook??

Forecast Channel – this should be a ticket across the bottom. I don’t want to start a whole channel and stop what I’m doing just to see the forecast :P. How about radar images, satelite images, and cool weather facts, and information videos on how hurricanes are generated? EDIT: Ok so after you load it once, it displays current conditions in the channel window, no temp though, just a cloud, or sun or whatever

News Channel – again, this should be a ticker, latest news scrolling in the little channel box, I should only need to load it if I see something interesting. There should be options to receive daily top stories to the message area of all the latest events or weather alerts, or local news. That would tempt me to turn on the Wii more often if it was glowing blue! EDIT: Again, after you load it, it does scroll top headlines in the little channel window, hard to read, and it doesn’t load it automatically when you start the Wii. You have to first load the channel, then as long as it stays on, it keeps loading info I think… Still, anytime you start the Wii and the Internet is connection, weather and news should be streaming 😉

I’m sure all Nintendo fans could dream up cool quick ways to breath life into these Wii channels rather than just being bored with them and have them filling up space on screen there. And the everybody votes, that was a novelty for 2 weeks maybe, … ah,… 3 years ago or whenever Wii first came out.

Nintendo, please DO something with these channels, such a shame to have them just sit there.

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