Paths of Life

  So, I was browsing facebook this morning, checking out various friends pages, finding out what they’re up to, looking at pictures of their lives so far removed from me. Great technology and only available to us at this time in our lives, we are maybe the last generation that didn’t have social networking when we were in school. So now we get to connect with people we knew way WAY back in high school and are able to peer into their lives and see what has happened since school, with marriages, divorces, sickness, children, big moves, small moves, etc.

It makes me think about my life path, how many different paths I could have went down if I associated with this group or that group of friends. Its fascinating to think of where I might have been. I can honestly say I don’t want to be in any of the other ‘lives’ I see on facebook, I think mine, with Lindsey is the best, I think we have the most fun and are the most fulfilled, bias on my part I’m sure. there is a lot of heartache out there, broken relationships, people still looking for their life partners (in marriage), children etc.

This all started with sites like where you sign up and see all the others from your graduating class etc, how they looked then, and how they look now. Its almost like a time machine, the pictures with your memories, you can almost go back, know the person back then and see how they have aged, what experiences they’ve went through. Its like living biographies of people I guess. Everyone enjoys a little kibitzing, a little gossip, a little look inside someone else life and experiences.

Anyways, fascinating stuff. Its always interesting to reflect on ones life, not to compare it to others but to truly appreciate where you have come from, where God has led you if you were trusting Him and where you’re at geographically too.

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