History hit me as a significant thing in traveling overseas as well. In Canada, history is mostly only like 200 years old … there is older stuff but there isn’t much left from people living here more then 300 years ago if they were at all, the country is large. Save the aboriginals however who I think for the most part didn’t change their landscape like all the ‘white people’ who moved in, by that I mean, cutting down all the trees, polluting, over fishing, etc.

We went to the Edinburgh military Tattoo. It was amazing, and powerful, one of those things you have to attend, you can’t just watch a video of it (though there are clips in my video 2 blog posts previous to this or so). As the bagpipes played the old songs, locals were all singing along, God save the Queen, Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne, Scotland the brave, etc. The national pride was shown there, all hundreds of years of history in those tunes, all the people singing together. It was one of the most amazing things to me on the trip to see the power of a nation like that, all the history in those words.

To the right you see an image projected onto Edinburgh Castle during the Military Tattoo. It shows the red Lion Rampart (the lion image in their crest)  and the crest as well.

Partly the reason why I personally wanted to move out east (maritimes) is because of the rich history here, much / most created by the people who traveled here from England, Scotland, France, etc. I appreciate the feeling of being linked to the past, generations of families, even old buildings that just make places feel like home. I would be tempted to move over there because of the history and landscape but thats not really my home land as they say. I love Canada and I love that we’re making its history ourselves, and there is history with our families here, across the land from the NWT, to Ontario, and in the maritimes.

I couldn’t help but to feel the history and passion though as the crowd sang along to the old tunes.

As for traveling, I really liked it, it does make me want to see other places and learn about others history. One big part I didn’t mention was the Roman history that our trip was based on. It was incredible to think that the wall we walked along, and the structures were all basically from 2000 years ago, the time that Jesus walked the earth in Israel and around there, and the Romans, the same empire that ruled in Jesus day  was the same that created the wall. That part was fascinating, seeing really how they lived and indeed how advanced they were with bath houses, making tools and trinkets out of metal etc. I imagined Jesus walking along in similar environments, with similar clothing and technology, and the Romans ruling over people in that time. Amazing stuff.

How short our lives are, a breath in the history of the world!

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