Chest Fridge

¬†Funny thing, I was talking with Lindsey on the way to Charlottetown for church or something and I was saying, why don’t they make fridges more like freezers so all the cold air doesn’t just rush out prompting the compressor to turn on almost everytime you open the door?? Cold air flows downwards, so if you have a chest, in theory, you won’t be losing much cold at all other then induction transfer (is that the right word?). No convection there anyways.

As I was surfing  the Internet looking for the average wattage of fridges (which is for most 200 to 700 watts draw on and off which is something like average 160 watts steady if you want to consider it that way over the course of 24 hours) and found a guy who actually converted a chest freezer into a fridge! Great idea!

Here is the PDF:

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