Wireless routers are lousy

Getting frustrated with routers and their VPN compatibility… Over the years I’ve used Linksys, Dlink, and belkin routers. So far the only one that seems to work OK with VPNs is Dlink… Linksys has VPN passthrough, but it doesn’t work properly, known bug, its all over the internet and Linksys won’t fix it. I thought this time I’d try a Belkin 150N Enhanced wireless router. Using it either wired or wireless is of no use. The vpn connects, sure, but it either disconnects every three minutes or it just stops responding and forces XP to reconnect. Brutal when you’re trying to WORK with it… Why can’t they make a product that works, or at least fix the known bugs with these things. Again for belkin, VPN issues are all over the internet 🙁

So, I’ve attempted to contact support at Belkin as a last ditch effort. If they can’t help, I’m taking it back. Maybe I should shell out $200 and get an Airport from Apple. Surely they’ve put effort into QA on their products..

Here I go, to google all the routers and see what REAL USERS suggest…

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2 thoughts on “Wireless routers are lousy

  1. LOL same issue with me……..Belkin 150n connects just fine but kicks me off the VPN around 3.5 minutes later. Phoned tech support and the guy says put it in the DMZ!!! I said I might as well not even have wasted the money then ??!! No DD WRT for this router as of yet. Mybe I’ll take your advice and go with a d-link.

    Good luck with your!

  2. Actually, the problem was mostly resolved on my side by using the router in bridge mode. That bypasses all the ‘logic’ in the router. It was thought that I was running through too many NAT layers but that wasn’t the whole issue. Still something up with it. but if you plug your modem into the switch part of it, LAN instead of WAN (after the wireless is configured on it) then it will bridge the network and you’ll find the VPN works much better!

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