I was reading an article my brother Matt posted on James Macdonald, a pastor I really like. Straight up, down to earth messages. He says what he means and he doesn’t sugar coat it. Love it. Here is my response to Matts blog, just thought it was long enough to post my own blog.

Here is Matts Article:


Detail: Basically James bought a 2 million dollar house:

Interesting, didn’t know this. Though I’m a bit jealous,  I gotta say, we still can’t judge him. Nothing wrong with wanting a nice house in a safe neighbourhood. maybe houses in Chicago are expensive. If you wanted a decent house in Toronto, full detached, large lawn, you would easily be looking at 1 million. I think this can be likened to people in the bible whom the Lord blessed, ie, Job. He was a millionaire, and he had the property and servants to match. Do we look down on him cause he didn’t give all that away to the poor? no infact God considered him one of the most faithful of humans. So I think we need to stop looking at others and look at God. not worry about what we have compared to others but enjoy what God gives us. I know this is easy to say, its something I’ve been thinking on over the last year or so. When is enough money enough and I realize, I’ll never have enough. I’m happy though to live with the basics, fun things like a D90 are great 🙂 but when it comes down to it, fresh air, a forest, and friends are more then money can buy.

So some food for though on this, and discussion perhaps.

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