Got the D90

my D90Finally got the D90. I’ve been comparing, analyzing its performance and reading reviews for the last couple months. I’ve uploaded a couple of theĀ firstĀ pics taken in the gallery below. It works excellently. I’m using a borrowed 18-55mm currently along with some old 35mm full frame lenses borrowed from my dad. They’re full manual, so i’m learning quickly all about aperture and such. I won’t do a review of it or anything. Suffice to say it is a VERY nice camera! One that I’ll have for a long time methinks! So stay tuned for more pics and movies as I have time to get out in nature. I need a tripod too for movies. I will say that movies end up looking VERY shakey hand held, so a tripod is required for those definitely.

Would I recommend it? For sure, excellent quality, great name, really nice photos out of the box and having the ability to swap lenses and try different things along with the added movie feature mean that it’ll be a long time before I run out of things to do with it!

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