Well the KBHL championships are over, luckily I went to see Matt play on the tournament day, they just happened to also play the championship game the same day (in years past, the big game was always the week after). His team won, Fair Havens. So now all the Gallant males have wont he KBHL Championship trophy which is great. Check out the video of one of Matts saves below:

[local /wp-content/uploads/2009/04/mattssave.mov nolink]

EDIT: not sure where the quicktime controls are, at least on mac I can’t see them, just hover the mouse over the image and click space bar, that starts it.

Also, see the album below with a photo set from the day.

My hockey ends with a final blow out game at the Sleeman center in Guelph, its just a shinny game so not as cool as a league championship but it will be fun none the less. Once thats done, I’ll be shifting my focus to moving probably. Woot! End of June is coming and I’m excited, lots of things to figure out /  do just yet. Actually the bigger thing right now is scheduling and figuring out Scotland, getting everyone on the same schedule, going when the least amount of people are there and figuring out when to take time off work.. We’re doing lots of big things this year. Gonna be a fun time!

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