Fern Resort


We went hiking sunday afternoon, on a local ‘Bruce Trail’ trail, actually believe it was a side trail. It turned out to be a dead end. It was a nice sunny day, not incredibly warm yet but with the sun out it was nice. A bit of snow left, and lots of green things starting to grow, like the moss in the picture that was on a rock. A shaft of sunlight shone through the tall trees and the waving leaves. So we decided to take a picture of the rings on said moss. It makes quite a nice ‘dreamy’ photo I think! ┬áSo that was a packed day, church, swiss chalet for lunch with the Mckees, then an hour or so hike, then young adults that evening. A full day. And I drank too much coffee at YA so I couldn’t sleep. Boo-urns… Been busy today, with a flat tire, putting a hitch on the vehicle preparing for the ‘big move’, and examining my loose tie rod ends. Now I need to know how loose is TOO loose. Somehow I got from relaxing hike, to all the busy things I’ve been doing.

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