One good memory I have from my years growing up in Cannington was working on farms. I like the fact that I have those memories, working the earth as it were. I started throwing bales of, that was hot and sweaty and prickly as the straw would get down your shirt and pants, and it was always in the top of an old barn, sweltering heat, zero breeze, unsteady footing. That was working! Hard labour, yes it was. Did that for a few summers at harvest time or whatever time that was. Then I worked on a hereford farm for a couple years, a guy by the name of Jim Rummerfield owned it and I helped him do most things around the farm. From mowing the lawn, painting parking barn, a couple times… plowing the fields, feeding the cattle. Even shoveling out the stalls, and sweeping spider webs and spiders from the beams over head. I got to do all the jobs save delivering a calf. I appreciate how much manual labour it was and what it took, after a couple hours of that work you were just sorta ready to sit down. You’re just drained and lethargic after that. Now maybe that was just me cause I didn’t grow up that way but its good honest hard work no matter how you look at it. So I appreciate that experience. I think its a shame that kids grow up in the middle of concrete cities, not even knowing what it is like to walk in a forest that doesn’t have paths, signs and fences. So for any one with kids, make sure they have a forest and large outdoor areas to explore.

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