To bed and back

Welp, end of the week, Youth over. I’m now winding down. Don’t have many nights I can stay up late and relax. Lindsey is sick and in bed, scratchy is in a ball on the couch and I’m blogging. Which reminds me, I need to catch up on my bible reading! Its times like these that, when all is dark and quite, the world is hushed for a little while, that you think more deeply about life and stuff. I look around and think, man, we have so much but we always want more. More gadgets, more things to do, more fun, more money, more time off. Its almost like sometimes we aren’t in control of our lives when we should be. You’d think that if we were tired, we would just go to be earlier, or if whatever, we would make a decision and adjust our lives. It just seems like there is a wall at some point always preventing us from getting from the complaining part over to the content part, we always just need something else fixed before we can be satisfied. I know I always have things on my list I need to buy, software for my mac that will make something easier, the next level of productivity etc. The next camera I have to get, cause I know once I get THAT camera, I’ll be satisfied with it for the next 20 years. That excuse always gets me, I think if I can only get this one thing, I’ll be satisfied with it for a very very long time. Turns out, a week after I get it, its only just ok, and there is a new one coming out in a couple months or something else to look forward to. I need to learn to be content with what I have. its so hard in our western world where companies make products specifically to convince us that we need to upgrade or get the latest and greatest thing, or try to tell us that there is a new product that we NEED. Really there isn’t too much in this world that we truly need. Just the basics, a warm place to sleep, food on the table, clothes. Hey, having a car is like luxury, having a computer is an even bigger luxury, staring at my 20 inch secondary widescreen monitor because my 13 inch mac screen isn’t quite big enough is a luxury too. I have stuff all around me I don’t need, I just like keeping it close cause its ‘cool’ and I’m a gadget nerd. Hey maybe being in the city causes a cooped up syndrome where you then feel the need for little toys cause you can’t get outside and run around a big field, or float down a river. Anyways, moral is… we have so much, I have so much, God is blessing hardcore and I just ask for more and more. Thank you Jesus for loving us SO much that you forgive us for the greed and for all the things we allow into our lives which take us away from You!

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