HOW TO DECRYPT JAXX WALLET 12 Word Mnemonic – (fix Jaxx Problem)

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HOW TO DECRYPT JAXX WALLET 12 Word Mnemonic – done and done!

Basically follow the instructions and use the code from this website:

1) Install SQLLIte
2) Locate your localstorage file
3) Run the select to find your encrypted string
4) Install Node – chrome plugin to run javascript outside of the browser
5)Using node package manager, install Crypto-js (see the specific version mentioned on the site)
6) Create a .js file: decrypt.js for example
7) Paste the code on the site
8) paste in your encrypted string and save the file
9) from the terminal run ‘node decrypt.js’ to recover your 12 word mnemonic
10) Next open Jaxx, click pair / restore wallet
11) Enter your 12 word mnemonic and you are off to the races in theory!

Let me know if this works for you! And if it does, send me a tip 🙂

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