Flying Friday – Hubsan 501s Unbox!! | First Flight!! – Part 1

I’m happy to welcome back flying friday vids! This is a unbox / review of my new Hubsan 501s quadcopter, i went a bit up market on this one to hopefully provide much better out of the box fpv and video recording. while it doesn’t have stabilized video, it gets me half way there and allows me some options in the future as it will carry a payload of sorts.

This is part 1 because i couldn’t upload the whole thing in one night, part 2, the outdoor flying part will be uploaded right away. check that one out!!

Some thoughts on it:
– gps lock is GREAT
– so easy kids can fly it
– controller doesn’t seem that high end but it apparently is the pro controller
– lack of OSD output is disappointing but i plan to mod that later
– camera is pretty decent, as long as the wind is smooth, it can take some real nice shots. it doesn’t replace stabilized gimbal and a go pro but for starters it works out nicely.
– the sd card is curious, worried it will pop out the bottom as its just friction fit in there…
– no sound on the video which is weird – even though you wouldn’t use it much i like having it in the background as you can hear what the motors are doing etc.

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