DIY – How To Make A Homemade scrapwood Tractor & Trailer Toy

This video is about how i made a DIY tractor and trailer for my son for Christmas. Just using scrap wood around my shop outside of a wooden dowel which i used for the axles. I probably could have found something otherwise but dowels are handy for axles for t these sorts of things and at $1.20 its hard not to just get one of them. I used the kids paint to paint it to look like a John Deere (sort of). Its no work of art but i think it will be interesting to him (4 years old) at least for a few minutes.

Its fun making stuff and these are the sorts of things that will be remembered for many years, the hand made stuff that stories will be associated with vs the commercially made and purchased toys which will soon be forgotten.

This is just how i made it, but it may give you some ideas as to how you could make one for yourself.

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