Ancient Prophecies Revealed – Types of Prophecy Teaching – Ken Johnson

This teaching is based on another great book by Ken Johnson. Its a $10 ebook that teaches about the types of prophecy in the bible and also lists all the prophecies and provides commentary on it.

You can get it from Amazon here:

Description of the ebook:
This book shows over 500 biblical prophecies in the order of when they were fulfilled. These include pre-flood times though the first Coming of Jesus and into the Middle Ages. The heart of this book is the 53 prophecies fulfilled between 1948 and 2008. The last 11 prophecies between 2008 and the Tribulation are also given. All these are documented and interpreted from the Ancient Church Fathers. The Ancient Church Fathers, including disciples of the 12 apostles, were firmly premelinnial, pretribulational, and very Pro-Israel

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