Homemade Waffles and Homegrown Bacon – Waffle Irons and DIY

We decided to get a waffle iron since our kids enjoy waffles and its an interesting take on pancakes when pancakes get old. They also freeze well so they can be saved for extra meals, and this definitely beats buying frozen waffles. The waffle maker was on sale from Canadian Tire for $30 or so. Its all automatic, pour in the dough, light goes on for 5 minutes or so, and turns off when the waffle is done, its not a super fast process but it works great and we all love the waffles from it and we know they are home made and know all of the 5 ingredients in them! no preservatives or funny chemicals.

The bacon is from our home raised pigs as well. Cooking your own meals on the homestead is an easy way to get exercise, save money and eat a lot more healthy!

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