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This is a reading of chapter 2 of my wifes Abraham’s Advent devotional which is available as an ebook here:

What is advent?
Advent is the season of the Christian calendar just before Christmas. The word literally means “coming.” Advent is a time of both reflection and anticipation. It looks ahead to Christmas Day, following the story of those who waited and hoped for the coming of the Saviour. Yet it looks even farther, to hopes still awaiting fulfillment at Christ’s second coming. It is a season of longing, hope, and promise.
The weeks before Christmas are too often filled with a frenzy of activi- ty. But Advent invites us to pause, to reflect, and to prepare spiritually for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Advent invites us to savour the sense of expectation and wonder that is unique to the season.
Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and continues until Christmas Eve. This devotional has a special reading for each of the four Sundays of Advent, Scriptural reflections for each day of the week, and a lyric selection for each Saturday. (Depending on the year, Christmas Day may occur any day in the week after the fourth Sunday, but reflections have been given for a full four weeks.)
This devotional is meant to be a humble companion as you journey through the season. It follows the story of one man who learned to live within the promises of God. But it can be your story too, if you are willing to sit awhile by a Bethlehem fire.

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