Stanley Jump Pack Air Compressor DIY Fix – Air Hose Replacement

This is a Stanley jump pack i purchased new probably 5 years ago no. It has a compressor on the back of it which is a really great tool around the homestead for pumping up bike tires, tractor tires, car tires. I actually keep this in the back of our vehicle since its great for all situations. It jumps batteries, fills tires, has a flashlight and is generally a great emergency setup to have. In this video my compressor wasn’t working so well, the rubber air hose was worn, cracked, and dry and leaking air. I purchased a cheap bicycle pump from Canadian Tire, cut off the hose and put it on the compressor and it runs well now. I could have gotten a longer hose, and a much cheaper one if i wanted to wait for a delivery from China but in this case, it worked fine.

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