First DROBO Drive Failure – Replacing a drive with a 2.5 inch drive?

This is the first drive failure in my DROBO backup unit. I lost actually the 1 TB drive that i purchased for $40 so it must have had more wear and tear on it than i thought it might compared to my own 1 TB drive that is in there. Thankfully i didn’t lose any data as the DROBO creates redundancy automatically spreading data over the drives..

I had to pull my offsite backup drive into action, its a 500 gig 2.5 inch drive. The drobo requires 3.5 inch drives technically but because of the SATA connection, you can slide a 2.5 inch drive in there and it seems to work just fine. Watch the video as I replace the drive, test the 3.5 inch drive and get the 2.5 inch drive in there.

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