Review: Black and Decker 18 volt cordless Whipper Snipper – perfect for the small homestead

This little black and decker unit is perfect for the offgrid homestead or on grid. 18 volt battery powered whipper snipper does the job well, allows for about 15 solid minutes of cutting which is enough for a smaller property (or just go charge the battery on the quick charge to finish a larger property). Battery powered units are great because it means you can charge them up with your off grid solar setup!

This one uses the b&d 17 volt nicads but also accepts my Makita 18volt battery converter so I can use either battery which is nice. Its cutting is fully acceptable, not as powerful as a gas trimmer which is to be expected but if you go a bit slower, it does the job well. A newer square type cutting line in it may cut even better over the stock round wire in it.

Its auto feed head works well and you don’t have to fiddle with the wire. Check out the full video for the review, my thoughts, its specifications etc.

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