Butchering Birds – Dual purpose Chanteclers head for the freezer

This is a short video as I load up my 4 chantecler cockerels that will be filling the freezer shortly. The chantecler makes a great dual purpose breed with the cockerels getting to a decent size. One cockerel gets to about 5 pounds – at least as long as I’ve kept them for, mine might get larger. 5 pounds though makes for a really nice family meal, its a broiler size basically – same as a BBQ chicken you’d buy cooked and hot from the grocery store. The white meat is no different than any other chicken you’ve eaten, you wouldn’t notice the difference, its great meat. The dark meat however is quite dark compared with a meat king bird – bred just for meat.

All in all, for less than $4 a bird, i got them slaughtered, cleaned, and vacuum sealed and they will make a great meal coming up!

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